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I Must Be A Freak

I spend so much of the year comfortably hiding behind my winter uniform of tights, boots, polo necks etc. that I start to panic as the weather gets warmer: what shall I wear? I decided I needed linen trousers or similar and sallied forth with my M & S card and vouchers hoping to get some. Humph. Marks and Spencer might as well have had a notice outside saying, ‘Small person? Don’t bother coming in.’ They did not have *one single pair* of trousers or jeans of any sort in my size, not even in their dreary Classic range. I managed to speak to ‘someone from upstairs’ to complain and she advised me to write to head office because ‘they are listening to feedback’.

After more fruitless mooching I entered the genteel ambience of the local department store, glumly clocking the Wallis Petite and Précis clothes available. Not me. But what’s this? Ever heard of Soaked In Luxury? New to me but I really liked the clothes (I think they’re Danish?) and came away with a dress and top I hadn’t been looking for. Though still without new trousers. Heigh ho, back to the charity shops, where I might buy the cast-offs of more successful shoppers than I am.

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