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Selling Children's Series Fiction. Or Not.

Most people in the UK who are interested in girls’ stories will have read at least some of the American series books for girls: Cherry Ames, Nancy Drew, Pollyanna, Sue Barton, the Miss Billy and Friendly Terrace books have all had British editions. I don’t collect them myself but was interested to find this blog, Series Books for Girls. Now there’s someone who really knows her Nancy Drew!

If you read the blog, you can’t fail to notice that the author is very disenchanted with selling books on eBay. Spot the poll, which shows that buyers are happier than sellers. I so understand this. I recently started selling on eBay again in a small way, after several months’ break. As usual, many changes had been made and none for the better. Listing gets more and more complicated. Business sellers are given preference over what Series Books For Girls calls hobbyist sellers. I was horrified to find that *I was not allowed* to charge the full postal rate for a heavy book because eBay had imposed a limit of £2.75 on UK postage for books (obviously with Amazon in mind). I had to list it as being sent ‘freight’, which it was not. How many more ways will they think of to make it impossible for a seller to make any money at all on a low value item? By the time you’ve totted up listing fees, final value fees, Paypal fees (outrageous!), postage and packing plus your time and trouble listing, packing and posting, it’s hardly worth selling anything for under a tenner.

Series Books for Girls is using Bonanzle. I’d never heard of this so checked it out. A search drew a blank on both Brent-Dyer and EJO, so it won’t be a useful site for collectors of British series fiction. Anyone can see that there’s a gap in the market, the question is: is eBay’s hold just too strong? People who sell books, either commercially or just to offload spare copies and fund your habit, are you happy? Which sites do you prefer?


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