March 13th, 2006


Modern life

While waiting an unconscionable time in Barclays bank this morning for the person in front to carry out the simple (you'd think) task of getting cash out of the machine, I had plenty of time to look around. There was a notice proclaiming 'We're here to help' above a large rack completely empty of presumably helpful leaflets. On the exit side of the door was a sticker saying, 'Bye'. Not even an apostrophe. How cuddly can a mega-billion institution get? I confidently expect that next time I visit, the sign will say 'Hugs' and the cashiers will have 'dances you' stickers on their windows. This is much worse than Richard Hoggart dreamt of when he wrote The Uses of Literacy back in 1957.

More Shaw

Jings, what a swiz! I have read Breton Holiday  and Breton Adventure and can't find a single difference between the first edition and the Children's Press one. Perhaps it is Bernese Holiday which has been chopped? No regrets, though. I loved reading the book again and I like to have the early copy.
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