March 21st, 2006



I have been looking at LibraryThing , the acclaimed online cataloguing service. You can: list 200 of your books free or as many as you like for about a fiver; take pictures of them and have them tastefully arranged; keep your library to yourself or share it with the world. The site is fun to search, which you can do without joining up. Check out the fifty top ‘completist’ authors, that is the ‘Average number of different books held by people who have any books by the author’. Which site member has the most books? Who posts the most reviews? Which books have been added in the last twenty four hours? Look up ‘Tag Info Childrens (sic)’ and you find Harry Potter and the Sorceror’s Stone has the most listings. Hardback or paperback? Classic, British or English? The permutations are endless.

I’m afraid that if I joined, I would never do anything else ever again but list, photograph and reorganise my books.
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No Commitments

Listened as usual this evening to No Commitments on Radio 4. This is written by Simon Brett, who had such a succèss fou with After Henry. It is quite old fashioned, especially all the stuff about Beckenham being posh, but well acted, highly agreeable and has Bill Nighy in it. That trademark slow laugh of his ranks, IMO, with Paul Eddington’s snigger as Jerry in The Good Life or Leslie Philips’ in The Navy Lark. I wish the BBC would do more of this tightly scripted, gentle comedy, like Clare in the Community, which I love.