April 2nd, 2006


The wrong plants

Yesterday was sunny and breezy all day. Wrapped up like a peasant, one could feel warm in the sun. One of the greenhouse vents opened itself and I saw a Brimstone butterfly in the garden. Carried on clearing and tidying but oops! there will be an unplanned change in the spring display. I am now convinced that the 'wallflowers', which I bought from the market last autumn and planted to edge the vegetable patch are actually Sweet Williams. I love Sweet Williams and look forward to picking great bunches for the house later on, but I love wallflowers, too, and now I won't have any. Serves me right for not being organised. This year I will be sure to sow my own in plenty of time. They will be my favourite varieties 'Blood Red' and 'Fire King'. While I'm on the subject, why is it that wholesale growers now only supply dwarf wallflowers? They're never as nice as the tall ones and don't smell so strongly.