July 18th, 2006


Language and images

When I opened the back door this morning I saw a beautiful sight. Three complete spider's webs strung between the hedge and the bay tree. Each was perfectly round and caught the sun like a CD suspended in space, glittering. I then thought how this simile would have been meaningless just a few years ago yet now anyone would know at once what I meant. So the correct image would be conjured up in their heads without the help of my photograph, which failed miserably.

Scenes from provincial life

Things I have never done:
Drunk coffee in Starbucks
Eaten anything from Pret a Manger. According to their website the nearest is in Bristol
Eaten a Tiramisu Kit Kat

Shops I like which are thirty miles away:
Jigsaw, Warehouse, Monsoon, Schuh
Even further: Whistles, Hobbs

Things I couldn't buy without the internet:
Quality knitting yarns
Books I really want

Er, quite a few more things. But I live in a nice place where people say 'Good morning' to each other. You can see from today's posts that a zipping-about person gets bored when it's too hot to zip. I will now do something useful by listing a few books.
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