December 12th, 2006


In my garden again

At four o'clock it's already dark but this morning it was bright and sunny for a while, completely different from yesterday. As well as buzzing around town I actually did something useful in the garden, the first time for ages. In the days of great estates and cheap labour, women and children would be employed to do nothing else but clear lawns of débris. The recent stormy weather has brought down a lot of wood and I filled the barrow twice over with sticks, some of them quite thick. I also tidied up the lily pots. Took out the stakes, cut down the stems, put the pots away in the shed for the winter. I do this not because of the cold but to stop the bulbs rotting in the wet. The pots stay inside until the first shoots appear. Then I scrape off the top compost, top up with leafmould, take them outside and give them their first watering.

Now here's something you won't see every day...Collapse )