December 14th, 2006


Here come the brides

No Archers fan will be missing the wedding of the year at 7.02 pm approx. this evening. I am shocked that the BBC, on its web site and in TV trailers, is showing photographs of a couple of imposters purporting to be Adam and Ian. Tsk!
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Everybody's doing it

but coughingbear's was the first I saw. I love my keats-a-knitting.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, callmemadam sent to me...
Twelve cybersofas drumming
Eleven white_harts piping
Ten huskyteers a-leaping
Nine lsugaralmonds dancing
Eight debodacious a-milking
Seven keats a-knitting
Six antiques a-gardening
Five je-e-e-ennings
Four monica edwards
Three dornford yates
Two grace james
...and a radio2 in a family.
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