January 21st, 2007


January Garden

After a filthy start to the day the sun came out really brightly but cor, what a biting wind. You wouldn't want to hang about so I chucked some kitchen waste on the compost heap, picked up yet more chunks of wood which the winds had blown down and cut some Winter Honeysuckle, Lonicera fragrantissima, to bring indoors for the fabulous scent. Then I took some photos which you should be able to see here

Poetry Pleases

Listening to Poetry Please this afternoon I jumped up, as pleased as if I had just heard the start of a favourite record on Sounds of the Sixties. I'd heard the first words of a poem I'd forgotten about, Milk for the Cat by Harold Munro. I daresay there are poetry snobs who dislike a programme featuring 'my favourite poem' but I almost always find something to enjoy. The programmes devoted to just one poem or aspect of poetry can be very good indeed. After the prog. I scanned my poetry shelves but I've had so many purges, particularly of anthologies, that I couldn't find this particular poem to read again. So I googled for it and it's after the cut for everyone who loves cats. Collapse )