February 18th, 2007

garden journal

Black Beauty

I wrote recently that I was not too keen on fashionably dark hellebores as they tend to make a hole in the border. This one was given to me by a friend, so naturally I planted it and was grateful. It's darker than it looks in the picture.

Knowing my source, I think this was probably grown by RD Plants and rejected as not being good enough to name. Something has been eating it. The green leaf is arum, not hellebore.

Speak more clearly! The world of mondegreens

I have just been listening to the Radio 4 six o'clock news. I spent some time wondering why on earth or indeed, how, people would steal badgers. Then I realised the badly spoken reporter was talking about badges, as in stealing people's disability badges out of cars. Why people complain about the lovely Jamaican accent of Neil Nunes I can't imagine, because I never have the slightest difficulty understanding him.