February 24th, 2007


Book Buying Guilt

No, not guilt about how much money I've spent on books but about where I've bought them. This is an apology to all small independent booksellers struggling to keep going. W H Smith's are selling the new Jacqueline Wilson book Jacky Daydream at £4.00 off and including it in their 'second book half price' promotion. So I was able to buy Jacky plus Sarah Waters' Night Watch for less than the cover price of the Wilson alone.

Jacky Daydream is an autobiography written for children. It includes many photographs from JW's childhood, very similar to those in fashion in blogging circles at the moment (grin). At the end of each chapter is a question for the reader asking 'in which of my books will you find a character who...?' She really has become a brand. It would be interesting to compare it with Enid Blyton's The Story of my Life, with its many concealments, not to say downright lies. One can't imagine Blyton admitting to having peed on stage whilst reciting. Times change.

Edit. P.S. I now see that Wilson claims to have read The Story of My Life when she was six or seven.


I'm sure that green woodpeckers nest here as I am far more likely to hear them call than to see them. When I do get a look they are usually tapping industriously at the bark on an apple tree, conveniently right in front of the window. Today I had the unusual sight of a green woodpecker on the grass pecking at the fallen apples. (Sorry, I cheated rather in my post a while back about not feeding birds.) I'd never seen this before so I wondered if the bird were injured but no, it flew off quite blithely. Strange.