March 23rd, 2007


Nice, red, tall, stiff

Contrary to certain miserable prognostications, the tulips I bought the other day are still standing up straight and giving pleasure. Fans of Adrian Mole will of course recognise my title as a quote from Barry Kent's prize winning poem from The Growing Pains of Adrian Mole.

Nice, red, tall stiff,
In a vase,
On a table,
In a room,
In our house.

'According to Henderson, Kent's poem shows Japanese cultural influences! How stupid can you get?
The nearest Barry Kent has got to Japanese culture is sitting on the pillion of a stolen Honda.'



I switched on BBC News 24 to see if there was any more on the terrible news that Bob Woolmer was murdered. For once, all the seemingly paranoid rumours turned out to be true.

Instead of Woolmer I got a lot of adorable pictures of Knut the baby polar bear. It would be one of those 'and finally...' stories except that keeping him at all seems to be highly controversial.

Three posts already this morning! This is displacement activity.