April 16th, 2007


What larks, eh?

Ooh dear, some snobby people are getting upset at the idea of a Dickens theme park. I can't see anything wrong in this at all. It's always been the case that far more people have known about Dickens' characters than have actually read the books. Merchandising began early and continued well into the twentieth century. Royal Doulton Series Ware is just one example. Mr Pickwick used on countless Christmas cards is another. It must be a year now since the most recent TV adaptation of Bleak House yet you will still hear people saying, 'Shake me up, Judy!'. People have this daft idea that Dickens wrote very long books which are only for those who like Literature, whereas in fact he was always popular, so that there were queues for the latest instalments of his novels. So go ahead with your theme park. Nothing will stop me rereading my favourite Dickens with enormous pleasure.