December 9th, 2007


Advent puffs

Yesterday's Telegraph Review section, the only one I'm guaranteed to read all through, carried a list of 100 Things To Get You In The Mood For Christmas. Mysteriously, all the books and DVDs recommended were available from and not, apparently from anywhere else. I searched in vain for evidence that this was advertorial.

Their ideas are predictable but mostly good: The Messiah, readings from Lucy & Tom's Christmas and The Wind in the Willows etc. For lovers of kidlit I notice that you can see stage productions of Tom's Midnight Garden in Manchester and of Marianne Dreams at the Almeida. I can't see what makes this brilliant but frightening book Christmassy and am intrigued to know how they will bring in dancing. Anyone seen it or planning to?

Me, I'll stick to angelic choirboy voices and Christmas at Nettleford by Malcolm Saville.

Spamalot horror

I don't usually get much spam, just the occasional offer of Viagra and so on. Today I'm getting hundreds of messages, all delivery failure spoofs. It's getting worse this afternoon so that every time I check mail there's another hundred, with perhaps a genuine message lurking, which I could easily miss. I feel victimised. Any suggestions?
update 10th. 840 messages this morning. Bastards!
Later update over 2,000 messages today so far. This must be mischief making designed to screw people up?
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