February 20th, 2008

school stories

If you had to go to boarding school...

...which fictional one would you choose? I thought this article in the Grauniad deserved a wider audience than the mailing list I got it from. When I was young, it was definitely Malory Towers for me, mainly for the romantic setting (the four towers) and the uniform! Plus the girls actually do quite a lot of work. The fictional schools I'm fond of now tend to be small and unusual: the New Forest school in Princess Charming with its fresh air policy or Angela Brazil's Miss Kaye's. Absolutely not the Chalet School, or Kingscote, or The Farm School.

I did almost go to a fictional school in that the one in Evelyn Finds Herself is based on my own. That's cheating though, as it's a day school and on the whole I prefer day school stories as I like the home life mixed in.

What's yours?

Baby knitting poll

I tell a lie; I don't know how to do polls.

Your friend's daughter is expecting a baby and you have promised to knit or crochet something for the newborn because the friend can't knit.

You are the daughter. Do you think
a) Hand knitting! Gross and old fashioned I'm never putting my baby in that.
b) Hand knitting! How lovely and thoughtful.

Should I make
a) a blanket
b) kookie hat and shoes
c) traditional matinée jacket
d) polar bear suit with ears
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