February 23rd, 2008


In My Garden Again

It’s sod’s law that the beautiful weather we had recently made it far too cold for any outside activity except brisk walking. Yesterday was mild and I felt I ought to do something in the garden (note lack of enthusiasm). Then I remembered I needed to sow Sweet Pea seeds and that forced me into the shed. I usually sow them in the autumn, so we shall see how they do. Once I was outside, of course I saw jobs everywhere and did a little more border tidying. Trouble is, I now have a tottering bonfire heap I’m frightened to light. I took some photos while I was out but they were all complete rubbish apart from the little violet and the last crocus in the garden. I must have planted hundreds over the years but they’ve all disappeared: mice and squirrels have had the lot. Still, my garden is full of primroses and some people can’t grow those because of sparrows, so win some, lose some. Today I started clearing the vegetable patch so that I at least have room to sow the broad beans. I transplanted some huge foxgloves and composted masses of forget-me-nots. The soil they were in is not bad; their roots have done it good and the green cover has kept off weeds. Win!

Last week I went to our NCCPG meeting for a brilliant talk about the plant life of the Pacific North West. I learned a lot. While I was there a kind soul gave me a pot of a special snowdrop, Galanthus ’Augustus’ . I’m always saying I could never be a galanthophile because I don’t fancy crawling around in the mud in February in order to marvel at the rather minor differences between snowdrops which so excite some people. I’m pleased to have this one, though, and am assured it will clump up quickly, so lucky me.