March 2nd, 2008


God for Harry?

The news media have been devoting a ridiculous amount of time to the return of Prince Harry from Afghanistan, IMO, but I suppose it's their reward for keeping the bargain. Now, I am no great fan of Prince Harry. I also think it quite wrong for our troops to be out there when the merest acquaintance with history shows that it is impossible to win a war in Afghanistan. Ask the Russians. Still, I am really shocked to find this morning that the story is being treated as if it were a publicity stunt for the royal family. Right. 'People think I'm a useless Hooray who gets drunk all the time, so I know what. I'll go off to one of the world's toughest environments and allow some of the world's fiercest fighters to shoot at me. That should improve my image.' I don't think so. He signed up to do a job, he's been out there with the others doing his duty, that old fashioned concept. And it's not just his safety that's been considered in bringing him home, but that of all the others who would become targets. I actually feel sorry for the lad, and for his family. When Prince Charles says he is relieved to have his son home in one piece, he feels just the same as all the other parents do. Can anyone really imagine he would willingly sacrifice his boy on the altar of good publicity?