March 15th, 2008


Reading for distraction

The way I feel at the moment, I need a book I want to read every spare minute I have, something to read when I’m eating and when I can’t sleep at night. So you can’t tempt me with an exquisitely written novella about modern angst or anything meanderingly literary. I want a good, gripping story; I want Dickens, Wilkie Collins, Robert Goddard.
Robert Goddard? I’d never heard of him until this month, when suddenly several book bloggers mentioned him as a good read. So I got hold of the three novels he wrote about Henry Barnett and I’m loving them. The character is sympathetic, the locations interesting, the ‘what exactly, how and why?’ sufficiently intriguing. I’m reminded of Helen MacInnes, although it’s so long since I read a book of hers that I’m not sure how valid the comparison is. Next up, I'm venturing for the first time into Ian Rankin territory.