March 22nd, 2008


A Musical Evening

I'd be sorry not to have Freeview. Yesterday evening's television was a cultural and religious desert but BBC 4 showed a Prom performance of the Mozart Requiem followed by Sacred Music . This is a brilliant new series presented by Simon Russell Beale. We learned the origins of musical notation, heard some superb singing, saw some wonderful architecture and had it all intelligently investigated by the unassumingly brilliant Simon. I find I have a primitive preference for romanesque architecture and plainsong over revolutionary gothic and polyphony. Looking forward to the next programme already.

More beautiful harmonies followed in a programme about the origins of white Gospel music in the US. Had you heard of Dottie Rambo, First Lady of Gospel? Neither had I.

Not a tea cosy

I hope people don't think I do nothing but watch television:-) While listening to beautiful music yesterday I finished the baby hat and here's a terrible photo of it. Please don't tell me all the things it reminds you of.