April 4th, 2008


New knitting

The other day I bought three skeins of Colinette Enigma in a charity shop. This was a first and I expect it to be a last.

I can't think why this shade is called Burnt Ochre. It reminded me so strongly of the colours of this old Cococub News that I fished it out to see.

I'm still knitting Lily of the Valley but of course I couldn't wait to try out the new yarn. It's a thick and thin tape and Colinette recommend that you use two balls together, to get the variations. I thought it might be hard to knit with but not at all, though different. The biggest problem was winding it into balls. Another problem is that if I have three balls, how will I work with two when I've used up the first ones? This is how it knits up:

This is scheduled to be a sleeveless top but if it doesn't work I'll undo it and make a scarf. Quite fun.