May 4th, 2008


A dog is for Christmas...

...not just for life, as Bubble once famously remarked in Absolutely Fabulous. This morning I went car booting. No luck, rain threatening, rather miserable really. I spotted a crowd around a van and let out an involuntary Aaaaw! A bucketful of adorable puppies, with their Mum looking glumly on. Now you see a lot of dogs at boot sales but not often for sale: yes FOR SALE. I couldn't believe it. People are always telling me I ought to get a dog for company, but I feel a dog is a bigger reponsibility than I could take on right now. Yet I could have bought one this morning, on impulse, for £24.00. The pups all looked lively and healthy but this is no way to buy a dog, or sell one. This is wrong.

Let's hope none of these puppies needs help from our local Waggy Tails Rescue