May 8th, 2008


Garden News

What a difference a few sunny days make to a garden. One day you notice that the borders have filled out with green mounds; the next, geraniums and aquilegias are flowering. I also note that the sun has started to dry out the soil so if I don't get rid of those builders' weeds soonish, I won't be able to get a fork in the ground. It was too windy today to photograph anything tall so here are some smaller plants in flower now.

A white form of the common Bugle, Ajuga reptans

Pink Lily of the Valley. This is very vigorous and is springing up in the grass.

This is Geranium pyrenaicum. The flowers are small but there are plenty of them and in quite a strong mauve. Next to this plant is a white form. They are rather weedy as they seed around a lot but they're so pretty I don't mind.

Today's job was pulling up all the forget-me-nots and cutting down the pulmonarias.