December 1st, 2008


November Books & The Library Challenge

I’m going to follow the excellent example of geraniumcat and take up the Support Your Local Library Library Challenge next year. I’m not setting myself any targets I don’t think I can meet, so I’m not aiming for fifty. As I said before, I’m already using the library more often and have the jolly little pile above to read.

Dark Puss/Peter the Flautist, whose comments I am often reading on other blogs, is always exhorting people to use libraries instead of buying books. Very laudable but there is a problem: libraries now only keep books for a very short time. I had to buy this Hazel Holt book

from the library (30p); I couldn’t borrow it because they were throwing it out. So if you borrow a book and think you’ll want to read it again, you really have to buy it or it’s gone forever. Collapse )