April 13th, 2009


What Ho! A Wodehouse Poll

I enjoyed the Radio4 dramatisation of Something Fresh. Martin Jarvis was splendid as Lord Emsworth, although I’ll always think of Richard Vernon in the role. Now here’s a puzzle. For as long as I’ve known about P G Wodehouse, I’ve pronounced his name, ‘Woodhouse’. Last week on The Book Quiz Kirsty Wark said ‘Woadhouse’ and I heard the same pronunciation on the radio. Is this some secret I’ve never been let into? How do you pronounce the great man’s name?

Poll #1382574 P G Wodehouse

How do you pronounce 'Wodehouse' as in 'P G'?

I pronounce Wodehouse, Woodhouse
I pronounce Wodehouse, Woadhouse
I have never uttered the name of Wodehouse