April 26th, 2009


Honeysuckle Rose

I just love Solomon's Seal, Polygonatum X hybridum, so I'm pleased it's here on the bank. So far, no sign of the dreaded sawfly larvae which shred the leaves.

This pleasing combination of clematis and honeysuckle covers part of a wall and is about to force itself into my bedroom window. Looking out of the other window, a rose is rushing up and I'm shocked to see the stems thick with aphids, in spite of all the frost and snow. I must have nice warm walls.

Now that I've dead headed the very last daffodil and the primroses are starting to fade, it looks as though the next wave of flowers here will be aquilegias or columbines, as we used to call them before 'Granny's Bonnets' became all the rage. There's masses of them, all ready to pop open.