July 28th, 2009


L M Montgomery

Elaine at Random Jottings has been writing a lot lately about L M Montgomery, author of Anne of Green Gables and many other novels. I’d mislaid a link I used to have to a wonderful site about her work and life; I think it was probably this one. It’s full of stuff. You could waste spend a lot of time browsing here, looking at book covers, LMM’s personal scrapbooks, her wedding dress and other trivia. I was rather freaked out by seeing fur from one of her cats pasted into a scrapbook.

It’s always fun to look at covers from different editions of favourite books. (Go to Introduction to Montgomery’s Works and click on View Book Covers.) I have two very nice ones which don’t appear on the site: this

and this.

Curses, curses. I used to have two of the Emily books with the dustwrappers described here as having astonished Montgomery scholars when they arrived in Canada. In my purist way, I sold them and kept the first editions; you can’t always be right. How do people like the Lauren Child design?

I think it makes Anne look too contrary.

Update: picture of Pat of Silver Bush as requested.