August 4th, 2009


Billy Liar Update

I wrote here about the fiftieth anniversary of Billy Liar and complained that no one seemed to be marking it. Wrong! Next Thursday on Radio 4 you can hear Billy Liar: Fifty Years on, presented by Blake Morrison. Of course it's on at a silly time when I'm unlikely to be listening so I hope it will be available to listen again.

I'll just get in another rant about the BBC website. I knew the programme was on because I'd heard a trailer for it. Searching the site, though, brought up 0 whereas Googling found it in a flash. Harrumph!


Making some progress

The dining room has been out of use for over a week and will remain so for a while. The sitting room is half full of boxes. Sigh. It's not that it's such a big job, just that it takes a man here, a man there; never one concentrated burst of activity. This morning I went to inspect the painting of the dresser I wrote about here. This is what the top half currently looks like. Collapse )