November 28th, 2009


The Your 100 (Almost) Best Tunes Meme

This is an absolutely fiendish meme which originated with loganberrybunny and which I got from huskyteer. Here are the rules:
Create a Spotify playlist containing exactly 100 songs. There are no limits on genres, content, length etc. Instrumentals are fine. However, you may only choose one song per artist, and one artist per song.

I love Spotify (it's free!) but I've only used it to play something I fancy hearing or that someone has recommended. Thanks to technical help from kind hearted huskyteer I have at last compiled this playlist of 100 songs. It's hard to choose! It's just today's list! And here's just some of the things I couldn't have:

Any Beatles
Kate Bush, Running Up That Hill
John Lennon, Jealous Guy
Bill Oddie, Harry Krishna
Alexei Sayle, Hello John, Got a New Motor?
Sonny and Cher, I Got You Babe
The Eagles, Desperado
The Move
The Roches, Bad For Me
Mike Sarne, Come Outside
The Teddy Bears, To Know, Know, Know Him
Richard Thompson, See My Friends
Leroy van Dyke, Walk On By
Mireille Mathieu, La Dernière Valse
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