December 17th, 2009


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without – Books of the Year

I used this picture last year but I like it so here it is again.

I’m having a very difficult i.e. picky reading month; can’t seem to settle to anything. So I thought I might as well do books of the year now. To get on the list a book has to be new to me though not necessarily new; it must have some originality about it which grabbed me; I probably read it quickly, wanting to get back to it all the time. Considering the numbers of new books published each year and all the old books out there still waiting to be read, I can’t say it’s been a vintage year.

Miracles of Life, J G Ballard
The Mysterious Benedict Society , Trenton Lee Stewart
Singled Out , Virginia Nicholson
The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie , Alan Bradley
The Graveyard Book , Neil Gaiman
Popular Music , Mikael Niemi
Someone at A Distance , Dorothy Whipple
The Spy Game , Georgina Harding
Cold Cream , Ferdinand Mount
Standing in the Rainbow , Fannie Flagg
Their Finest Hour and a Half , Lissa Evans
After the Armistice Ball, Catriona McPherson

Series I’ll read more of: The Gill Cunningham Murder Mysteries by Pat McIntosh