December 18th, 2009


Christmas wouldn’t be Christmas without – Baking

A year ago I’d just moved in, the kitchen was barely usable and we had Christmas dinner at the pub. Now I have a spiffy new kitchen but it’s very small. The faithful inherited Kenwood mixer (made c.1970 and still working perfectly), the bread maker (also inherited)

and blender all have to be stowed away in a cupboard and taken out for use. I’m ashamed to say this has put me off cooking but now I’m getting used to the idea that that’s what you have to do. I’ve made a Christmas cake

Ha ha, still sekrit

and yesterday made bread for the first time since moving. We have a wonderful organic bakery in town; absolutely delicious bread and I wish you could try the olive and rosemary. Trouble is, it costs £2.50 a loaf, which I would once have found incredible. If I were to make a new year’s resolution it might be to get back into the bread making habit.