January 28th, 2010

Make do and mend

Go Through Your Wardrobe

A lot of my favourite clothes have come from charity shops, courtesy of people who are better off and better shoppers than I am. Recently though, going round the shops, I’ve found the clothes on offer look as if they should be in a jumble sale and have walked out with my nose in the air. Perhaps this is because in the UK last year charitable giving was down 10% and donations to Oxfam were down 15%.

Buying really cheap clothes in this way (thrifting, as Americans call it) can help you dress more creatively. I’ve been checking out some of the many style blogs. They’re rather fun and are produced by women (and some men) of all shapes and sizes who say, ‘Hello world! This is what I’m wearing today and I look gorgeous!’ I prefer the ones which show a daily outfit; it’s just like dressing paper dolls. Already Pretty is a little too instructional for me but obviously produced by a Nice Person. You won’t see me in bondage belts and swear rings but I love Fashion for Nerds. Isn’t she cute?

So, as part of a new leaf for a new year, why not give some decent clothes away? Then we can all start clothes swapping again.