February 7th, 2010

Who's Queen?

Daisy Dalrymple and the Reprinting Mystery

I’ve now read the first three Daisy Dalrymple mysteries and enjoyed them very much as light, undemanding reads. As the books are a series which follows Daisy’s progress in love as well as in detection I want to read them in order. Because I’m a fusspot about these things I’ve decided I want a matching set and there comes the problem. Plenty of editions but not the ones I want. The most recent (and eighteenth!) book in the series, Sheer Folly is available from Amazon now but the three books following on from Requiem for a Mezzo have to be pre-ordered.

If a book is scarce and expensive it makes sense to reprint that one before tackling more common books by the same author. If the books are still available, why not print them in order? Luckily for readers (though not for dealers) a number of small publishers have acquired copyrights and reprinted desirable books. I make a distinction between that worthwhile task and what is merely repackaging to find a new market.
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