March 31st, 2010

Rose Blight

This and That

Has anyone else tried Matt’s Terrific Bread, which Cornflower has been baking? No-knead bread, left for twenty four hours and then baked in a Le Creuset casserole. It works! Another time I’d add more salt and sprinkle less flour on the top.

I’m really fed up with Amazon, and not just for the reasons Jane Badger gives here. It’s their insistence on having packets signed for which is bugging me. It’s not too bad when they use Royal Mail; you know roughly when the delivery will be and the postman knows you and your house. City Link is another matter. Yesterday, I put a large notice on the door announcing that I was IN yet later found a card thrown down outside the front door saying that I was out. What are you supposed to do; spend the whole day sitting watching for them? I complained to Amazon, who responded quickly but didn’t get it. I said I’d stop buying from them if they continued to use City Link. None of these problems with The Book Depository, which I think will be getting my custom in future.

ETA The package was redelivered today and out of the blue Amazon emailed to say they wil refund me £10.00 because of my poor experience. No more than I deserve for the inconvenience :-)

Easter eggs

Creme eggs are smaller than they used to be

Wouldn't know