April 24th, 2010

lego me


There are some blogs, like Cornflower’s, which I look at every day and others which I visit occasionally. Someone who only posts about once a month would have to be very good indeed to keep me on their visitors’ list. Who knows what I’m missing out there? Here’s three current favourites.

Spitalfields Life. I’m sorry I didn’t come across this one before. The ‘gentle author’ is compiling a wonderful record of London life but also sharing a garden. What wonderful plants you can buy (and so cheap!) at the Columbia Road market. You can almost hear the centuries'-old cry, 'All a-growing and a-blowing!' Lovely photos.

Liberal England. You don't have to be a Liberal Democrat to enjoy this, because it's not just about politics. The writer likes cricket, black and white films and The Yardbirds, amongst other things. Eclectic, that’s what I like. Here’s a fun link from there, to the Daily Mail-o-matic

Read, Seen, Heard. Some fascinating images.