April 21st, 2011


Top Tulip

How gardeners plan ahead and then reap the rewards! As described here I ordered my tulips last August and am loving them this month. The warm weather is hurrying them along and only a few common red ones, not planted by me, are still to come.

I ordered the Venetian Collection and I'm giving the prize, 10/10 to Cairo. It's a lovely mix of amber shades on tall, strong stems and lasts a long time. I'm also very impressed by the lily flowered, very dark purple one, whose name I've lost.

Big disappointment: I also ordered some of my favourite 'Ballerina' tulips. These have turned out spindly things, not at all like the beauties I used to grow. Perhaps they're in the wrong soil, perhaps I'll try another supplier for that variety next year.

I should be able to gloat over the jewel colours of tulips for a little longer, and from both kitchen windows!