October 31st, 2011

life on mars

Blistering Barnacles! Weekend TV Watch

First the good news. I really enjoyed Tintin’s Adventure with Frank Gardner on BBC 2 yesterday evening. Frank Gardner followed Tintin’s journey from Brussels to Berlin and Moscow in search of Hergé’s inspiration for Tintin in the Land of the Soviets. He travelled in a number of trains, planes and fantastic old cars and obviously had a good time, even in a wheelchair. A great tribute to Hergé and to Frank Gardner. I’d feel sorry for him but he refuses to feel sorry for himself. Also he's rather cute.

The Everyone Must wear a Poppy rule came in last week on BBC channels. Can’t they wait until November?

Whatever was the gorgeous Alesha wearing on Saturday evening’s Strictly? November 5th is the day for guys, ducks. After weeks of thinking this a dull series full of people I’d never heard of I’ve decided that Harry is the one.

Downton: ha ha ha! It gets sillier every week. How I love it.