December 5th, 2011

life on mars

Weekend TV Watch

As Craig said on Saturday’s Strictly, ‘It’s getting boring. Everyone’s good.’ I certainly had trouble deciding who did the best dance but it was time for Robbie Savage to go. I enjoyed Movie Night, in spite of Brucie’s shocking fluffs. It was much better than the Wembley show, which the BBC is still crying up as the greatest ever while everyone else thinks it was the worst of the series.

My main gripe with the current show is the ridiculous and time wasting ‘here they are in rehearsal’, which then shows the couples in a silly film. Yawn, yawn: get on with it! The Sunday results show gets sillier every week with everyone referring to ‘last night’ when we all know it’s filmed on Saturday. Like Pasha would put on that make up twice or that we’d see Erin sitting in a gorgeous frock for the hell of it, rather than that later she’ll be doing a show dance with Anton. Then there’s the obligatory entertainment. Who is Alfie Boe and since when has he been ‘one of the world’s great tenors?’ I thought the Bond medley was ghastly.

It’s still a very hard one to call. Looks like a final between Harry and Chelsee but Holly’s suddenly decided she could be there. Lurved her dance with Artem.

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