April 20th, 2012


An expensive year for stamp collectors

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Here’s the latest mailshot from Royal Mail, introducing the new stamps which will be in use from 30th April. The interesting thing about this leaflet is that nowhere does it say, ‘This is the biggest price hike ever! We have to do this in order to maintain our wonderful service.’ Instead, it goes on and on about how beautiful the stamps are. If you like Machins (I do) you’ll probably agree. Look closely at the new Large Letter stamp and you see that the security background printing ‘ROYAL MAIL’, with its hidden codes, has been changed to ‘DIAMOND JUBILEE’and wow! it's iridescent. How can you resist? I wrote before about the ludicrous expense of all the new Olympic stamps. Do they really expect people to buy these as well as paying so much more for their regular postage use?

I'm guessing that big companies like Amazon may try to absorb the new postal charges but that won't be an option for small sellers and people who use eBay. Trouble ahead. So are you stocking up now? What about the idea of buying stamps in advance for the next three Christmases? (Suggestion from money expert Martin Lewis.) Apparently, some people are investing thousands in stamps, hoping to make a profit later. Not really an option for most of us.


You and the new stamp prices

Buying as many as I can get
Buying a few
Will bite the bullet and pay up
Use Royal Mail so little I'm not bothered