November 13th, 2012


Something Borrowed


Last Saturday, I called in at the library when I was in town and, as so often happens, came out without a book. I take my little notebook (see above) containing lists of authors I’m on the lookout for, but fail to find any of their books. I can only get books by ordering them specially or by a great piece of luck. For some perverse reason, I usually trust to luck. Perhaps I get more pleasure from a serendipitous discovery. Now I’ve found a new way to borrow books, via The Kindle Owners’ Lending Library. Since Amazon emails me every day with offers of items I don’t want to buy, such as plasma TVs, I don’t understand why I wasn’t alerted to this service. Here’s how it works. You return the book via Manage My Kindle. Just go to Your Kindle Library, find the borrowed book, click on ‘actions’ and ‘return this book’ is one of the options. Then you can borrow another. So what was the first book loan I tried?
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Planned Obsolescence

I'm so cross. I have two Pure One Mini DAB radios, which I bought about three and a half years ago. One is in the kitchen and runs off the mains. The other I think of as my computer radio and it runs off the battery. Today, out of the blue, the power switch has gone, so the thing is useless. I have radios which are at least thirty years old and still work perfectly! Grrr!