January 17th, 2013


Enough Jane Shaw for now

I’ve been re-reading some of her non-series books.
House of the Glimmering Light is a wartime spy story set in Scotland, enlivened by Jane Shaw’s humour.
Crooks Tour - very slight story about a school holiday in Europe with Ricky seeing crooks everywhere.
The Crew of the Belinda, about three sisters forced by circumstances to spend summer in a houseboat on Loch Lomond with no money. I can’t help being amused by the bus from Glasgow to Luss. If you know Pimpernel Petroleum you’ll understand why. Jane Shaw could have thought up a better reason for the girls being in their difficult situation, but as usual the book is redeemed by her humour and of course by the tracking of crooks. Interesting to see JS described as ‘this young Scottish author’. It was 1945 and before she found greater fame with Susan.

Now I’m moving on to comfort reading of the kind I’d recommend to anyone else needing it. My first choice is Summertime, by Raffaella Barker.