June 12th, 2013


emBooks and Melanie Phillips


Melanie Phillips has become a hate figure, a person whose very name will get a cheap laugh on the increasingly smug News Quiz. Why do people dislike her so much? For some, she’s an apostate who’s moved from left to right. Some criticism is frankly anti-Semitic. I also suspect misogyny; after all, the late Christopher Hitchens expressed many non-PC opinions, yet was widely respected. Because they disagree with what she says, people call her ‘mad’, which is no argument at all, simply abuse. Looking for a wider audience for her views, Ms Phillips has now launched emBooks as a further outlet. This is what she says about the books.

“Melanie Phillips Electric Media LLC is Melanie's new media company. Its e-books division, emBooks LLC, publishes extraordinarily good e-books that can be enjoyed on fixed screens and mobile devices.”

"By publishing books about the ideas that matter to me, I hope that emBooks will please and delight passionate readers everywhere - and become a source of writing that they can trust."

She talks about emBooks here. Thanks to the nice people at NetGalley I’ve now read two of them: Guardian Angel, a political autobiography, and Islamophilia by Douglas Murray.
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