September 15th, 2013

Kitchen geranium

At the Flower Show


Showed my face at the Autumn Flower Show yesterday. These tomatoes caught my fancy; a pity the grower didn’t name the variety (they really were almost black). They were unplaced as judges don’t like anything unusual. This is the kind of thing they like: traditional.


I know the garden these came from and it’s quite small, so even more of an achievement. The autumn show should be about chrysanthemums, dahlias and vegetables. As usual I thought I had nothing to enter, then realised I have a pots and pots of geraniums and could easily have entered the class for ‘Pelargoniums, three stems in a vase’ (and won)! Silly me. It was nice to see everyone and the prizes were presented by a very sprightly ninety-year-old Michael Medwin.