December 30th, 2013


December Books


The Case of the Missing Money-Lender, W Stanley Sykes
At Break of Day/The First of July , Elizabeth Speller
Mrs Scrooge, Carol Ann Duffy and Posy Simmonds
A Christmas Carol, Charles Dickens
The Minor Adjustment Beauty Parlour, Alexander McCall Smith
Ten Lords A-Leaping , C C Benison
Christmas at Carrington’s , Alexandra Brown
The Home Corner , Ruth Thomas
As Luck Would Have It, Derek Jacobi
Do You Think That’s Wise? Biography of John le Mesurier by Graham McCann
The Thirteen Days of Christmas, Jenny Overton
The Best of Good Housekeeping at Christmas 1922 - 1962
Christmas at Fairacre, Miss Read
Kevin Pietersen, Portrait of a Rebel, Marcus Stead
Round the Christmas Fire: Festive Stories A collection from Virago
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The year in books: Kindle/dead tree/library

This year, I’ve noted which books I’ve read as ‘real books’, as some people will still call them, which I read on the Kindle and which were borrowed from the library. Here are the results.
Dead tree books: 108
Kindle books: 45
Library books: 15 (in addition to the ‘real’ books above)

Could I choose a book of the year? These were the candidates:
The Signature of All Things, Elizabeth Gilbert
An Officer and a Spy, Robert Harris
The Dead in their Vaulted Arches, Alan Bradley
The Burgess Boys, Elizabeth Strout
Code Name Verity, Elizabeth Wein
The Little Women Letters, Gabrielle Donnelly
At Break of Day/The First of July, Elizabeth Speller
The President’s Hat, Antoine Laurin
The Victorian City: Everyday Life in Dickens’ London, Judith Flanders

And the winner is a novel publicised as a YA book: Code Name Verity.