January 4th, 2014


What a Day!

Rain is still hammering down here in Dorset. My heart goes out to anyone affected by flooding. Really, standing water in the garden, rain under the kitchen door* and through some of the windows is nothing in comparison. I’m congratulating myself on shopping first thing yesterday, before yet more rain set in. Not a hope of getting to the market today.

The first thing I heard on the news this morning was that Phil Everly had died. My mind is now full of my favourite Everly tracks; not the ones that are being played on the news but Love Hurts, Crying in the Rain, Let It Be Me and Dream, Dream, Dream. Anyone who thinks the death of a former pop singer isn’t really news just doesn’t like music. The beautiful sound the Everlys made was a huge influence on so many future groups.

I’ve started taking down my few Christmas decorations, so parts of the house are looking bare. I’m keeping the lights up as I need all the cheer I can get. Any more grumbles, Madam?

On the bright side, I have some fab new Nine West boots which were a third of their original price. I’m reading two entertaining books: The Secret Life of Bletchley Park and Miss Bun the Baker’s Daughter. This evening I’m going to watch the first episode of Sherlock again, to catch all the nuances I missed on the first viewing. I have hyacinths in flower indoors. I finished a knitting project yesterday and will start another today. Small things.

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*There will be more on this later on. It shouldn't be happening.