March 8th, 2014


At the market

I haven't done one of these posts for a while. The market was heaving this morning. I drove down in murky weather with my lights on and back again in bright sunshine. It would be a beautiful, warm spring day here if the wind were less sharp. Even so I have the greenhouse open, the fleece off, the washing line cleaned for use (it was green) and plan to garden this afternoon.

I bought books today, the first time in ages. One of them was a very good buy for 50p.


An enormous pile of old knitting patterns and booklets. Not that I need any more but I love looking at them and even charity shops charge up to a pound each for them nowadays.


Sanctuary and other nice toiletries. The boxes are a little worn but that doesn't matter.


Plus the usual fruit and veg and I enjoyed some pleasant banter and haggling, so a good trip.