December 3rd, 2015


Winter Wonderland 2015

There won’t be any decorations up here until much closer to Christmas but I can understand why some people do put their trees up *much too early*. Anything to counteract the perpetual gloom we’re living in. Really, I might be living inside the Arctic Circle rather than south west England when it’s so dark all day long. Yesterday afternoon I decided to go up to the garden centre to visit the Christmas Wonderland, thinking that at least it would be bright and cheerful there. Huh! I don’t know if they’ve become obsessed with energy saving or what but it was dark there, too. The decorations area seemed to have no lighting at all except the twinkling lights on the various trees. So I was rather disappointed with this year’s Christmas effort. Star of the show was Santa’s Volkswagen, seen above, surrounded by animatronic elves and with the familiar little blue train chugging cheerfully around it. Definitely the toddlers’ favourite.
I’m afraid my pictures are not very good but here’s some more.
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