December 31st, 2015


My reading statistics 2015

This year I have to add a new category: iPad. One of the publishers sends out books in file formats I can’t cope with but now that there’s an e-books option, nothing could be simpler than to download them as iBooks. It’s surprisingly pleasant to read them on the iPad. Here’s the list:
Dead tree: 55
Kindle: 55
Library: 24
iPad: 2

Total 136
This doesn’t seem many but I’ve probably had some re-reads unlisted. I notice that I used the library more at the beginning of the year and resolve, yet again, to use it more next year. With so many libraries closing down, it really is a case of use it or lose it.

I can’t pick a book of the year or even a top ten so here’s a few books I’ve admired in 2015 with links to where I wrote about them. They weren’t all published in 2015.

Funny Girl, Nick Hornby
Romantic Moderns: English Writers, Artists and the Imagination from Virginia Woolf to John Piper , Alexandra Harris
Expo 58, Jonathan Coe
The Museum of Things Left Behind , Seni Glaister
Crooked Heart , Lissa Evans
Sweet Tooth , Ian McEwan
The Quality of Silence , Rosamund Lupton

I’ve enjoyed several books by reliable Trisha Ashley, Simon Brett and Elizabeth Edmondson; also the British Library Crime Classics and the Dean Street Press reprints of crime writing from the golden age.