September 3rd, 2017

Autumn leaves

In the garden: signs of autumn

Mellow fruitfulness! Nature’s bounty! Harvest home!
Oh, how deceptive a picture can be. What the photo actually shows is a corner of the garden where brambles are out of control. They come in from the field and are ten feet long before I notice them. It’s like Sleeping Beauty’s bower down there and I could spend all my gardening time just tackling brambles. I do of course have many other things to do, such as digging up nearly every plant in the garden.

Woe! My flower beds have been invaded this year by a horrible moss which mounds itself up, gets right in among the plants and, I’m pretty sure, has choked some of them to death. At first, I tackled it piecemeal, then decided the only thing to do was to take out the plants and start again. As I have heavy clay soil, this is very hard work indeed. Any plant I want to keep has been potted up, many more have been sacrificed. On the bright side, all this digging has loosened up the soil nicely. Where possible, I’ve shovelled garden compost on the newly cleared patches but I’m running out of usable material. There are bound to be small pieces of the moss left, which may grow again but I shall hope to keep on top of it. And next spring, the fun of replanting. Three beds done, one to go. I feel tired just thinking of it and am rather glad it’s raining today.

At the moment, everything is about next year. Foxgloves have been dug up from all over the garden and lined out in front of the shed for next year’s display. There are cuttings and seedlings in the greenhouse and a little nursery outside it. I will not be planting any wallflowers or tulips for the deer to eat.
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