December 30th, 2017


Reading stats 2017

This year I read 131 books. Of these 48 were by men and 83 by women.
Dead tree books: 86
Kindle books: 40
Read on iPad: 4

I borrowed twenty books from the library. Every year I resolve to use the library more. I’ll have to start using their online request system again (a pain due to the poor website), because I make too many fruitless visits in the hope of serendipitously finding something I want to read.

Books of the year? Not a great year but I’ve enjoyed these, in no particular order and not counting re-reads. Links to reviews or mentions.

Golden Hill , Francis Spufford. ‘A Tale of Old New York’
A Matter of Loyalty , Elizabeth Edmondson
The three spy thrillers by Mick Herron: Slow Horses, Real Tigers, Spook Street
This Boy , Alan Johnson
The Lie Tree , Frances Hardinge
Eleven Minutes Late. A Train Journey to the Soul of Britain , Matthew Engel
Because of the Lockwoods , Dorothy Whipple
What was Rescued , Jane Bailey
Leaving Berlin , Joseph Kanon
Bewildering Cares , Winifred Peck
Player One , Douglas Coupland