June 10th, 2018


We’re going on a Book Hunt

It’s Folk Festival weekend here, which means a large charity fair, always with a huge bookstall. After parking, we were just about to make our way to the Minster Green when we were ambushed by the CAB, who were having a book sale on the pavement. So we bought some books. Then we made our way through the merry throng of folk dancers and spectators and bought some more. We both did quite well and, as so often happens, huskyteer found me a treasure. I got these

What a lovely cover on the Bryson. And more

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TV watch: My Generation with Michael Caine

huskyteer and I watched this film yesterday evening and enjoyed it very much. I love Michael Caine and there were good film clips plus a great soundtrack featuring a lot of Kinks’ numbers. I must have been an annoying companion, with my ‘tsks’ and ‘pah!’s because, as I wrote way back in 2006, I refuse to believe that music and fashion changed the world in any way, or that the working classes asserted themselves for the first time in the sixties. Well worth seeing, though.